Hi everyone! Here are some links to press articles about RRC and some of our partner organizations/sponsors…



Check out the podcast and our interview on WBEZ Worldview radio show with Jerome McDonnell!

Here is a follow up article on the Oak Park Patch.

This is an article about RRC in the Forest Leaves and the Oak Leaves newspapers.

Another article in the Forest Leaves (with One Earth Green Film Fest!)

An article about RRC in the Chicago Tribune Local.

Article about RRC at the Oak Park Patch.

An article on Rainforest Conservation Fund’s webpage.

Here is an article about RRC onĀ Pachamama Alliance’s website.

An article about RRC at Green Community Connections.

Article in the Wednesday Journal.

An article about RRC in the Illinois State University newspaper.


Before It’s Too Late is one of our partner organizations (scroll down to the bottom on the right side of the page to see our advertisement on their site)

Green Community Connections is also one of our partner organizations. GCC is a network of organizations and individuals passionate about building a sustainable and resilient community in the Oak Park, River Forest, and Western Chicago, IL area. Check out their Green Film Festival!

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